Monday, November 18, 2013

Towler Photography | My Latest Work

I have been microblogging on social media sites but I still think of this here dear blog-- it was my beginning to the creative life.  Why the stop in posts?  I've been busy over at Towler Photography taking lots and lots of photos.  High School Seniors, Families, Babies, Bellies, Children and Boudoir or Glamour.  I love it but it takes a ton of time.  So today's post for you is going to be a sampling of what I have done in the past months over at Towler Photography.

by Ivy Towler

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Branch Decor Part 3

Oh how I love the look of natural materials, especially branches. If you want to see my other two posts about Branch Decor, go here and here. Or to my Pinterest Branch Decor Board.

These aqua vases are BEAUTIFUL! 
I love the deep colors in this photo with the green fern branches and the dark blue wall. 
Below I like the branches decorated with paper flowers. 
 Great DIY idea. These vases are available at West Elm.

Can you imagine this chair with fur in your study?  
It is unique for sure, but please keep it away from your fireplace--
you don't want to be caught in the hot seat!  

I wonder if it's comfortable, I don't think it could be, do you?

Found at Anthropologie

You could bring your bedroom into the woods with this beautiful wall paper, 
also found at Anthropologie.

I could see this twig pull on a vintage dresser or chest of drawers or an armoire door.  
What do you think?  This too is from Anthro~

I would Love Love to have this Aspen Collection by Soren Rose through Restoration Hardware: 
Go here to see all of his pieces! He is Danish-- my grandmother's heritage-- it must be a sign!
A sign to spend money or a sign to use more branches and wood in my home?

There is something comfortable about bringing the outdoors in.  I should do it more often.

Do you use natural items found outdoors in your home?  What do you use and how?


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reasons to Celebrate!

Quickly... let me just say, I try so hard to live by this:
"If you don't have anything nice to say, 
don't say anything at all."
It is a GREAT rule but doesn't allow the broad picture to be seen.  I try to keep my blog and my professional website and my social media a happy reflection of my life.  You don't want to hear my daily complaints... I don't want to hear yours, HOWEVER... I do want to be there for you when you need me and I know you want to be there for me when I need you.  That is how relationships and true friendships develop.  Why am I blabbing on about this?  Well, I like to be transparent to a point and wouldn't want to deceive you into thinking I have the perfect charmed life.  I often fall into that spiral of comparing myself to others and wondering why I can't do it all.  This is probably my biggest downfall, the guilt of not being enough, to everyone.  I recently put this complaint on my personal facebook page and the response was an overwhelming supply of support.  Like I mentioned above, I don't like to complain, we ALL have issues, troubles and obstacles, some more than others but it is all relative and real.  My life is wonderful and full of love but I have my issues too and they are what make me, ME.

Today, I am going to share the GOOD things in my life because I believe happiness should be shared so it spreads.  I also want to hear what GOOD things are happening in your life right now.
Share it, Scream it, 
Let it out and enjoy it... 
I want to hear!
Let's get started:

My Soul Sister {sister-in-law} Katie got our families together last month for a fun weekend of pumpkin patch craziness and swimming at the hotel.  An event that will be forever remembered as one of our kid's favorite childhood memories.  Here are some things that came from that weekend...

Watch out for camels, they spit

Shooting water bottles at metal cows.... yeah, that happened

Soul Sisters

Grilled Cheese and Fruit, it was delish!

Wild Animals... all photos will be saved for teenage humiliation

The Huskers WON!!

I just have something for old trucks.


Photo Op

Getting Back In

No caption needed :-)

My Soul Sister got pregnant!!
I would like to take credit but I can't.... it was all their doing, I just loaned them my fertility bracelet that was given to me by my mom when we first started trying to have kiddos over 12 years ago.  That bracelet has helped make lots of babies!! {9 to be exact!}

So... this was going to be a longer post but I have kiddos begging for food and a husband!  My dad is here this weekend too.... SO HAPPY HE IS HERE, I've missed him.

Gotta Go
Remember to leave me a comment with your Happy Happenings!!  

Cheers and Love~

Monday, October 15, 2012

My latest work at Towler Photography

I have been busy at Towler Photography.  That is a good thing!  Here is some of my recent work.  I am patiently waiting for my maternity family to have their baby... we are just days away!!!

My Family and Me
They are my LIFE!

One of the Senior Boys from this autumn
You can see more of him at Towler Photography!

Boss's Day is Tomorrow!

Do you celebrate Boss's Day?

I have a boss and I am a boss... to myself.

I think I will be buying my out-of-the-home boss a coffee tomorrow and maybe flowers because she is super awesome and generous and sweet and honest.

I think I will buy myself a coffee at the same time... since I should think I'm super awesome too!

Are you lucky enough to have an amazing boss or work for yourself?  If not... keep looking.  Being happy at work and in your career is paramount.  Take that leap.  Find the best fit for you.  Make that change and Work for it!!